Sunday, May 04, 2014

Gravity Storms and You!

For the rag baggers in our club it's been a rough spring. Suffice it to say it's been three weeks and two masts on club boats are now horizontal. In one case the chainplate came through the deck, the other the mast itself failed. One thing these two boats had in common, they were leading the cumulative points race for the club championship when these accidents occured. Both Wild Rumpus and Emoyeni (even more so) are looked after very carefully. Accidents happen. Fortunately for you there are at least two places in town you can call and have a qualified, knowledgeable, friendly person come take a look at your rig and have a conversation to see what your risk factors are. From the mast base to the masthead there are all kinds of things that are sources of trouble even if they were built to take it, but maybe that was 30 years ago so best to take a careful look see. Of course if no boat ever got damaged there would be a lot less marine businesses in town. In any case the best plan of action is to take steps to try to make sure it's the other guy and not you....No injuries, masts tend to fall slowly, and both boats are scrambling to get their next mast erection sooner rather than later.
In other news:
Wednesday nights are off to a terrific start. Plenty of colorful reparte and some new faces. Windermere is less than a month away and there will be some crew looking for rides if you read the preceding paragraph. The mighty Icon is headed South to Astoria  for the Oregon Offshore and Scott Ellis and crew just won the "Round Whidbey race and even finished in daylight!