Monday, June 16, 2014

Kaneohe or Bust

Okay so the blog has been a little quiet lately and Capt Mac asked me for a liitle ink so here goes... About two years ago an ER Doc from Bellingham (Ward Naviaux) asked if I would be interested in doing the doublehanded Pac Cup sponsored by West Marine in his Santa Cruz 27, actually  I probably asked him. The course is from San Francisco to Kaneohe HI just over 2200nm check out the website for details on the 74 competitors. In any case we did Northern Century that year had some fun and have been preparing the boat ever since. Blade Runner was in good shape to begin with but the offshore list is extensive from safety gear including a liferaft to solar panels and emergency rudder and the list goes on. Ward did most of the stuff and Jim Bett's yard here in town did the rudder system and Jack Spriggs prepped the bottom. Oregon Offshore was the first big test this year with winds from 20-30 out of the south we completed the 198nm course in less than 24 hours and didn't break anything, our top speed was over 17kts and the waves weren't even that big. Okay we bent the vang and spilled a lot of coffee but truly we were proud of ourselves and knew what we need to do to prepare for the start July 7th. I last completed this race on a S2 7.9 (26') in 1998 and now nearly 20 years later I still remember the people I met and the good times we shared, in fact Kent Morrow is now an Northwest Rigging employee after hiring me to sail his 45' home that year! So while you're rafted up watching the fireworks light up the sky Ward and I will be stowing the groceries and sunscreen. Each boat boat carries a tracker so if it's raining and you're wondering how it's going you can go to the website and find out.
In other news:
Passepartout skippered by Pete Shainin and with a mostly Skagit Valley crew will be setting off July 3rd in her 3rd Vic Maui Regatta. This regatta has true PNW flair and many AYC warhorses have competed in fact Doug Fryer has held the record and ICON was close. Again each boat has a tracker and there are daily updates on the website with fishing highlights and the like.