Monday, July 28, 2014

10 Lido 14 Races in two Glorious Days on the Bay

The title of this photo is: "Wow are those two boats from Portland finished finished already, again!"

Two days of great Lido sailing on Fidalgo Bay left every one of the 14 attending crews smiling.  The top finisher, Mark and Kathy Sandifer in their Lido #5126, hardly fell out of the bullet category.  Fellow Willamette Sailing Club members, Ron and Nicole Runyan, (Ron is currently Commodore and they are remodeling their club house over the water!), were a tight second.  Thankfully, Trevor DiMarco and Dustin Johnson, recent additions to AYC's Lido Fleet 78 made it to the podium in third.  Fred Abelman and his diligent race committee got off 10 races over the two days which had steady northerly winds in the 5-8 knot range.  The competition was excellent with all protests solved on the water.  One design racing in the Lidos really sharpens your racing and sailing skills.  We hope to get the full race results up in a day or two.  Thanks to all the local Lido participants for the volunteer work that made this a terrific regatta.