Monday, August 11, 2014


0501Z 0811 This means the time is 0501 UTC 11 Aug 
Lat N 40 35
Lon W 147 37
1079 miles to Cape Flattery

This is the first ocean voyage we have had AIS. It is really cool. Right now we have a cargo ship named Carmancita approaching from starboard. Her image shows up on our computer screen along with her speed and closest point of approach. We also show up on her navigation screen. We called her on 16 and had a conversation on 6. Very easy and everyone knows the other guy is out there and what the other guy intends to do. 

1/2 way party tonight. We had a large pot of tortellini with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and pesto accompanied by some Manchego, extra sharp cheddar, crackers and two bottles of good red wine. It was sunny again today after last night's rain but the rain is back. We have about 20 kts of wind and we are making about 7.5 knots with one reef in our main and the #2 on the forestay.