Monday, August 04, 2014

Passepartout Update...headin' for home!!

Time 0717 UTC 8/4/14
 Lat 27 29
 Lon 157 20
 COG 028
 SOG 6.7
Distance to Cape Flattery 1963 nm
Maui no ka oe
means Maui is the best
and a Hui no means
catch you all again 
in the great Pacific Nor'west

The 2014 Vic Maui Race is another one for the books
but no boat ships a trophy home
unless the crew is a bunch of crooks
So we raise our glasses as we depart from Lahaina town
The Passepartout a makin way

We are Anacortes Bound
Trackin up the hill or down
it's all the same to us
we settle for nothing less than a romping 8 knots plus
so its aloha to the garden isle
and to all of you
as we trim our sails before the gales on the good ship Passepartout

We caught another Mahi Mahi today, a fish so good they named it twice, 
this one big enough for dinner.
Richard did a fantastic job with it. This dinner would have been $175 a 
plate at Mama's Fish House and it could not have been as fresh.

Pete and the crew of the good ship Passepartout