Sunday, August 17, 2014

PASSEPARTOUT....home from the sea.....MONDAY @ 1700!!!!

Come and welcome them home!!!    D-19 @ Cap Sante   Bring some wine and cold beer!!!
0350Z 17 Aug
Lat 47 50
Lon 128 17
145 nm to Cape Flattery
TWS 6.7
TWA -160
SOG 6.6 kts Thanks to the iron genoa (known to our polars as Big MO). 

We think we have enough fuel to take us all the way to Anacortes so our 5 PM PDT Monday arrival looks pretty firm.

Caught 4 tuna today. Evan is freezing them for friends. We have eaten quite enough fresh tuna on this trip. If we caught another Mahi Mahi we might eat it but that is highly unlikely where we are. I guess it is time for some gourmet Mac & Cheese.

It is a good thing we are almost home. There is only one bottle of red wine left. I did buy four bottles of white. When I realized what I had done I exclaimed in anguish, what did I do that for? Richard answered, "In time it will become evident." It has,

See you all soon.

This is our last official position report. Thank you again for a wonderful race. This is as good as it gets.

Pete & the crew of Passepartout