Thursday, August 14, 2014

PASSEPARTOUT...rollin' along!

1925Z 14 Aug
LAT N45 50
LON W137 02
TWS 20 kts
TWA 114 (reaching)
SOG 8.22 kts
Waves 4 ft
Distance to Cape Flattery 523 miles

All is well except for the standard maintenance issues (reduced voltage due to corroded wire connections, a piece of a gasket caught in the forward fuel tank pick up tube). Thanks to Costco's packaging policy we are in no danger of running out of capers. We are getting a little nervous about eggs, only 7 dozen left out of 32 dozen at Lahaina. It is becoming evident that Passepartout will have to host several socials at the dock in Anacortes serving Spam with Top Ramen and Peanut Butter. I am uncertain about how successful those will be.

Our current gfs grib file downloaded yesterday says we will have another day of wind then 5 kts or less all the way to Cape Flattery. We have enough fuel to motor for about 400 miles so if the grib is accurate we could be waiting off Cape Flattery for the flood so we can ride it in to the fuel dock at Neah Bay. We know the accuracy of the gribs is legendary. We have just crossed one 1020 isobar heading for another 1020 isobar (two sides of the loop around the high). We have two electronic barometers aboard, both calibrated against the FAA barometer at Bayview Airport before we left Anacortes. The Weems & Plath reads 1024.6 and rising. The Vetus reads 1025.7 and rising.

The crew is doing well. There is lots of laughter. I am sure everyone is thinking some about life after this trip but nobody talks about it. I think we will all be sad when it ends.