Friday, August 15, 2014

PASSEPARTOUT...the end is near!!!

0000Z 16Aug
Lat 47 15
Lon 132 36
323 nm to Cape Flattery
TWS 10.4
TWA 134
SOG 7.07
Flying Big Blue, the only spinnaker we have left but the right one for this moment - our 2A. The wind has been good to us. We are eating up the miles. Our weather files predict 12 to 18 hrs of motoring - the current 10kts turns into 5 - then 10 to 20 kts all the way to Cape Flattery. There is a cold front coming through that looks like it was generated by a low above 60N, the northern limit of our weather charts. That seems to be the wind source but of course there will be a price. Already the sun has given up to the clouds. We should be OK on fuel even if we need to motor in the straits.

Evan created a polar file that includes the iron genoa, designated MO. Our optimum course using that polar predicts we will raise the Cape at 0143Z 18 Aug. So I am confident we will be at Cap Sante at 1700 PDT 18 Aug (Monday).

Caught three tuna today. We put the lure away. We can't handle anymore. Donna is working on Tuna for dinner at this very moment. Between Donna, Woody and Richard we have been blessed with three excellent chefs. The Top Ramen is still wrapped in plastic at the back of the cabinet.

For those who can make it we will see you at Slip D-19 Cap Sante at 1700 on Monday for the Passepartout Top Ramen and Spam bash.