Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PASSEPARTOUT....wonderful times!!

Should it have been "Estimated Arrival" or "Est arrivee"? Thanks for that suggestion Monsieur Hoenisch.  We're looking at arriving Tuesday the 19th or Wednesday the 20th...
Richard cooked a fantastic breakfast complete with eggs any way you want them. I wanted to clean out the fridge because it was smelling badly but there were so many dishes piled up I needed to do those first. By the time I got most of the dishes done and the counters and stove cleaned off We caught a yellow fin (I am told it is a jack). Donna was trying to push me out of the galley so she could start dinner. After some negotiation we cleaned the fridge first. It made a huge difference in the oder. Amazing what a few onces of bleach will do. Donna and Woody breaded the fish and deep fried it (in a frying pan) . Fish and rice with some homemade tarter sauce (we bought an 1100 gal jar of capers from Costco) with some Tuscan red - very nice. The batter was very light - I don't know how they did it but it was better than most restaurant fish and chips.

The wind turned light this afternoon (it was switching from port to starboard) and we were flogging in the swell so we put three reefs in the main, took down the jib and started the engine. The timing worked out well - we have motored long enough to bring the fridge down to 30 F (a little too cold) after cleaning it. The water maker has made us nervous throughout this trip but along with motoring comes the ability to run the watermaker with both pumps. Several people took showers today and I used quite a bit of fresh water between my dish and fridge cleaning. In spite of that our water tanks are full.

0758Z 140813
Lat N 43 38
Lon W 142 04
TWS 7.5 Kts
TWD 210
COG 035

180+35=215 so the wind is now behind us and 5 degrees to our starboard side but predicted to go to 170 at 15 kts. 170-35=135 on our starboard side - about perfect for Big Blue, our A2 Spinnaker.

The crew decided that today was to be the big time change day so 10:30 AM Hawaiian time become 1:30 PM PDT and the watch changed. Deck clothing is now fleeces or foul weather gear - the t-shirts and shorts are long gone. The friendships won't be so fleeting.