Tuesday, October 07, 2014

It's Roster Time!

This year I (Jan Chapman) have the privilege of putting together the 2015 printed roster. Please log in to the website and make certain your contact information is current.

About the photos: If you look at the online search results right now, you’ll see many members with 2 different photos. 

The little one is your avatar, used only in the website and for your profile page. Only you, after logging in, can upload that avatar. Change this by viewing your profile and under the tab My Profile, select Change Profile Picture.

The larger photo can be updated by us admin types or by you under Edit Profile. Scroll down to find the Upload button, choose the photo you want from your local computer, then Save. The photo uploaded here is saved 'as is' which is good news because we can take that photo and prep it for use in the printed roster. Make sure it’s of decent quality, usually 1MB or larger, max 5MB. 

Be sure to clear your browser cache or it may seem like it's not working.

Please log in and update your avatar and photo. Roster is being prepared now and it would be great if everyone had a current photo. You may also send your roster photos to me if you have trouble with the upload process.

In other news, we're making some upgrades to the website. Watch for a tab called Community where you can share photos and tales with members. Community is the social networking section of your AYC site.

We'll also have a page linking to our advertisers, making your ad in the roster this year even more valuable!

Thanks to you, this little yacht club is the best there is!