Monday, November 10, 2014

Ellis/ Ellison

AYC just keeps on winning! First it was hosting the America's Cup won by Larry Ellison. Now Scott Ellis ably assisted by Dave Hodgman and OHYC sailor Chad Holcomb have raised the bar by winning the 2014 version of 'Round the County. Two days of battling wind and current and sunshine in their classic J-92, no that's not 92 feet, 9.2 meters. Okay for you public school kids that's about 30'. The Saturday edition started with delays, mostly wind delays but the current wasn't making things any easier. Only two boats completed the entire course, so after making the 1/2 way mark then it was iron genoas to the fiesta @ Roche Harbor. Sunday was epic; imagine sailing from Roche to Patos to Lydia Shoal with a spinnaker up the entire way and the big boats finished in about 3 hrs. Hijinks only has 3 sails and four winches and proved that even though nothing goes upwind like money sometimes it just pays to keep on keepin on and let things roll your way! Both Pangaea and Celebration sailed tough to pull fifth's in their divisions and Rumpus, T Bear, Emoyeni, Passepartout, and Bangarang also flew the burgee with the scarlet letter to represent for good 'ol AYC. The club was jammed Friday night and several new folks showed up asking about membership, even a powerboater or two somehow shoehorned themselves in! Thanks to Jerry and Jerry and Larry and Patrice behind the bar, Walt and Callie and the girls in the kitchen, Don P, Ed K and the clean up crew. I know there were more than that pitching in and Steve Hayes has created a whole new place out to the South that can be used for sanding Lido bottoms or possibly a picnic table. The  AV system added to the ambiance with pictures stretching back nearly 30 years when 'Round the County was younger than the music on the soundtrack. In any case congratulations to Captain Scott and his crew. Again AYC rules the waves!