Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Season and yer yacht!

When the cold winds blow and the limbs begin to fall, it's easy to forget about yer yacht and watch football. There a seasonal rhyme for you! But don't be that guy or girl. When winter winds cause branches to fall out of the trees so do the prices fall at your at your local boatyard and sailmaker. If you want to get around the course faster next year and get a good value to boot, consider doing the haul now before the spring rush. You might even get better service and a low price to boot. Shop around and compare, ask for a better value, tell them to sharpen their pencil. Going fast is simply a combination of force vs. resistance, having a clean, well faired bottom is crucial. Just because your sails are in one piece does not mean they're fast. Schedule an appointment with your favorite sailmaker and see what they say, doesn't cost a nickel. Every year at Foulweather someone does not get scored because they don't have their current PHRF cert. Goto PHRF-NW for all the details and contact Scott Lindberg who is always happy to trade a cool one at the Brown to help you measure your sails. If you purchase a new one it must be measured and rating adjusted if required.
In other news:
Check out R2AK a race to Alaska starting in Port Townsend in June, fun website and 10,000.00 in prize money.
OLD news, but still newsworthy goto Sailing Anarchy and read all about the Volvo 'Round the World boat that hit a reef and was destroyed in the Indian Ocean, all ok.
Finally CORE builders are back in business on T avenue, this is the outfit that build's the winning America's Cup boats for Team Oracle.