Monday, December 29, 2014

Polar Bear Sail

Every year you read the papers ( well at least ya used to), of course now it is online how some crazies are jumping into some body of water somewhere to celebrate the new year. Of course they never follow up with the frostbite and hypothermia it results in. Well enough of that! New Years Day is a time for a quick sail around the old pond. Just as cold but hopefully not nearly as moist. The weather is shaping up for a lovely little jaunt. I know of at least 2 club boats that are already out plying the Salish Sea and the plan is on New Years Day 'round noon to have a little sailing rally on Fidalgo Bay. There will be a chase boat out to tow in any dinghys that get becalmed and likely a thermos of something warm and delicious if you need a cup of cheer! Come on out and join the fun!
In other news:
The first sailboat race of the year, The Sydney Hobart, lived up to her reputation with broken rigs and a real battle between Wild Oats and Comanche with WO ending up in front.
The Vestas has been salvaged and shipped back home for repair.
Duwamish head, the second in the South Sound Series is set for Jan. 10th out of Des Moines, this is a drag race from there to Blakely Rocks and back, good videos on youtube from 2008 and 2009.
Check your email, there should be an announcement from Chris Roethle inviting you to the Girts Rekevics Foulweather Race/Cruise to Friday Harbor Feb 21st. With a terrific meal provided by SJIYC, prizes sponsored by Port Supply, Helly Hansen, Cap Sante South and others this is an event not to be missed. Sign up early so best arrangements can be made for all the shoreside hospitality!