Sunday, February 01, 2015

9 outa 10

Rumor has it 9 outa 10 Americans will be watching the Superbowl today. As an AYC member you are entitled, even invited to watch the big game at the comfortable new clubhouse. Bring a snack to share and support your club. Make a new friend and achieve one of your New Years Resolutions by hanging around after the victory party and cleaning up! Rumor has it our new Commodore may commandeer a local police bike and make a few laps... What do I know I'm just here so I don't get fined.....In the unlikely case of a wardrobe malfunction at halftime bust out yer smartphone or have the club secretary burn you a hard copy and get signed up for the Girts Rekevics Foulweather Race / Cruise to Friday Harbor Feb 21st. By signing up now you are assured to get one of the cool shirts that are selling faster than those silly beast mode ones, and imagine eating pickled eggs with former Commodore Sean rather than Skittles! Other highlights include door prizes like free haulouts at local boatyards, merchandise from local marine suppliers and heck there is no snow so maybe the weather guys(gods) will send wind! SJIYC will be our hosts at the top of the dock. Some folks take the really big boats with creative Coastal Salish Native American names that offer senior discounts and is heavily subsidized by state taxpayers and you'll save enough dough you can play pull tabs at Herb's! Emoyeni will be looking to defend her title and hopefully everyone will get squared up with PHRF so boats that do really well won't get kicked to the curb for not having their paperwork in order. Traditionally the cruisers have shadowed the fleet and on at least two occasions have either towed in disabled sailboats or picked up a man overboard. BTW make sure if you are wearing a inflatable PFD it is fully inflated, the club may not levy a fine until after the race or maybe if you celebrated Christmas with the Commodore you will not be fined at all. Again you know why I'm here.