Monday, March 23, 2015

Hot Pursuit

This Saturday the 28th is one of the funnest race formats of the year. Instead of an equal start for all competitors and then keeping track of finish times and hanging around the club afterward to find out the facts, this race is the opposite. The handicap splits are predetermined and each boat starts at a given time and whoever finishes first is the winner. The course can be a real drag race to Post Pt near Bellingham and back. It gets shallow in Samish Bay and has collected a few keels in the past and when it is light the Westerly can be fickle. In this case the slower boats get the privilege of leading the way and finding all the parking lots first. If you are gaining on someone be careful it might not be all good.
Wednesday the 25th kicks off the Wednesday night racing series and after a pleasant tune up night on St. Paddy's Day the crews are ready to battle. Eric and Jordan rounded up plenty of Leprechuan Loot and the potlucks were delicious. On the other hand if you think there is enough conflict in the world and just want get out on the water Class 1 is for you. No need to bother with those tricky colorful sails, simply unfurl and enjoy the ride. AYC racing offers something for every sailor.
We have been measuring sails nearly every week and Vince Townrow at Ullman sails and Fleet handicapper Colin Emsley are happy to help.