Monday, April 20, 2015

Tulip Time

The blossoms are blooming and for some reason it is not raining constantly. Take this chance to enjoy the hijinks and antics that is the AYC. On Wednesday night, the 22nd, after the sailors return to the clubhouse the perennial Tulip Cup chairman Walt Meagher is hosting an organizational meeting. Here is your chance to collect registration paperwork or sling potato salad like momma used to make or fly a flag or toot a horn. Believe it or not all these job descriptions and more are part of what makes the Tulip a Regatta. (paragraph KW)
 I can remember returning from college in the late 80's sailing with one of the bad boys from Bellingham to compete against my own family for an opportunity to kiss the Tulip Princess. I don't know where she is today or even if she will make an appearance this weekend. I can tell you this. The AYC is the club we make it. From turning on the lights and hoisting the burgee to stacking chairs and vacuuming the floors it's all us. Okay, there is a lady that does the windows and the heads, but the rest of it is club members just like you.
Typically the sailors blow back into the club around 7:30 or 8 and after a few delicious whatever they are serving Walt will pick up the microphone and start filling in the blanks. Soon after the PRO, the on the water guy, Kevin Welch will step up and fill out the on the water crew.
This weekend promises to be fun filled and fulfilling. Everything a yacht club is supposed to be. Crews hailing from Canada, Bellingham, Seattle, Oak Harbor, Orcas Island, Conway, Alger, Leavenworth, Sedro Woolley, Birdseye, Olympia, Tacoma and beyond. Let's show them what A town hospitality is all about. Bring a smile and a friend  and be there Wednesday night with a hand ready to raise.
In other news:
OHYC is hosting the annual 'Round the Island Race the weekend after Tulip May 2nd and 3rd. Last year AYC Capt Ellis and crew put the smackdown on the fleet and nearly broke the record set by the Big Blue Show Kevin Welch and crew on ICON. Registration is open.
Ian and Joy Sloan have not only hosted the first series of racing but also provided race committee and patrol boat services for everything this spring, buy them a cup of cheer or at least say THANK YOU!
Passepartout will be the first yacht flying the scaret letter this spring to brave the whale pasture this season when she sets forth May 4th to compete in the Oregon Offshore Race from Astoria to Victoria. Local sailing personality Captain Midnight will be on board looking to repeat last years success on Blade Runner.
Rumor has it Captain Fryers Night Runner, the AYC racing phenom, that took home the pickledish in the 2011 and 2013 Swiftsure's is emerging from the shed with a brand new deck.
26 boats have competed in the AYC Frostbite Series setting a record for the most competitors ever in the month of April. Results are tight with less than 3 points separating the leaders in two fleets.
Finally let's agree if God covered 3/4 of the Earth with water he must have intended we spend some time upon it.