Monday, May 11, 2015

The AYC Pocket Park

Thanks a lot for a lot of work, the holes took Sean and helpers with the auger much effort, at least 3 people to get the piles into the ground, and 3 people on the rope at every pile. It truly was a lot of work. Special thanks to: Ed Kennedy, Warren Waltz, James Cashetta, Sean Kelly, Richard Schofield, Bob Barry.

The Yacht Club also needs to remember & thank those that donated items or equipment:
       The 18 - 7' X 10" piles by Culbertson Marine Construction,
       The 300' of 3" new clean Hawser by Crowley Maritime,
       A lot of labor, plus 2 picnic tables/bench and 1 bench by our tenant's work party from Fidalgo Island Rotary,
       A lot of equipment (Auger & Truck) from Sebo's. 

Without this equipment and labor, we would still have a weed patch directly south instead of a nice park area adjacent to the club house.

Thanks again to those AYC Member that helped with the work parties on Saturday Morning @ the new and improved pocket park adjacent to AYC.

Phil Case & Warren Walz, Past Commodores