Friday, May 01, 2015

Tulip Volunteers 2015 (62 people volunteered to make this happen!)

Thanks to everyone who made this year's Tulip Regatta a fun weekend of racing for 36 boats!!
Sponsors – Trident Seafood (donated all the Saturday dinner salmon), Wilson Motors, Sassy Frass, Heritage Bank, Cap Sante Marine Services, Anacortes Rigging and Yacht Services, Ullman Sail Loft, Rockfish Grill & Anacortes Brewery, Lopez Island Creamery donated the Saturday dinner ice cream!!
Mistress of Fun! Steph Schwenk! Steph did the facebook page and helped to get the word out to the known sailing world! She had sailing games ready but the appropriate time never seemed to develop.  We are lucky to have her on the team for another year!!
New Course board built by Joy & Ian Sloan!! 
Race committee chair – Eric Beemer
Regatta Chair – Walt Meagher
PRO – Kevin Welch, team
Scoring lead - Chris Roethle
Protest Arbiter – Chris White
Committee boat race management and scoring team - Laurie Gilmer, Jana Woodmansee, Brad & Sue Blymyer (photos), Catherine Bearce (photos), Leeds & Wendy Gulick, Ginger Orsini and grandson Moses, Joyce Roethle, Dorothy Engom & Bill LeDuc, Clay Wilcox, Mark Mauldin, Bea Cahsetta.
Committee boat – Sean Kelly & Jan Chapman donated use of Pacific Drifter again this year! Jan also organized lunches for all on the water personnel. They both have done this for a number of years now so they are able to help the newer volunteers understand what needs to be done – they are an invaluable resource!
Chase Boats – Chris Dalziel operator AYC chase boat Curran helper, Ian Sloan donated use of his power boat with Lucky Dave Hodgman driving and Colleen Shea helping.
Friday evening and Saturday morning late registration and T-shirt distribution 2– Rosemary Walter and Clay Wilcox
Friday night food – Tom & Anita Nute & Catherine Bearce, Bernie & Bob Bell, Beth Bell.
Friday night karaoke  – Shelly Meagher (Use of Karaoke machine donated by Sean Kelly/Jan Chapman)
Saturday night food  – Walt Meagher dinner lead with lots of help by Larry & Helen Prier, grill man Steve Hayes, Oysters Callie Weber & Bart Borusinski, Vern Lauridsen plus many folks pitched in to help with clean up!
Sunday night food  – Gerri Gunn dinner lead, Dave Wagner and Esther Fenton, Patty Young and Vernon Lauridsen, Clay Wilcox, Bev Dresen.
Bartenders  - Friday night- Liz Merriman & Dick Redmond, Saturday night - Julie Anderson, Diane Wilkinson, Liz Merriman & Myra McEwan, Saturday afternoon - John Wilkinson & Clay Wilcox