Monday, July 27, 2015

Northern Century News

Big news for N-100 fans. The paddle powered division at the N-100 will be a separate division. Boats that sign up can designate whether they are planning to paddle if the wind goes light or take a nap or go for a swim like I plan to do. The R2AK race to Alaska this past summer highlighted how popular the human powered crowd is, on the other hand it's not everybodys cup of tea. So come one and come all bring your paddles or not. Our goal is still to get at least one AYC competitor for each yacht from out of town.
In other news:
Jerry Vanderveen,leading Team Syndicat, in a desperate attempt to secure a free bottle of Sailor Jerry Rum, posted a 20 minute victory over a solid fleet in the rum run to Bird Rocks and back last Saturday. Emoyeni was in fine form for the deuce and Mr. Bottles was able to place third singlehandedly. Bottles in a rum run, what?
Maybe we should have an award for the AYC boat that lands the most crab this year. Is it me or are they tastier than usual this year?
Pangaea is reportedly outa town this Wednesday night so maybe the rest of us have a chance:)