Sunday, August 09, 2015

N-100 and you!

2 Weeks and counting..... Okay so we have broken the magic 23 boat barrier. Everything from a multihull from the peoples republic of California to perennial Canadian Stalwart Wayne Foulds and crew aboard "Lightcure". AYC has received a challenge from yours truly to field a competitor for every boat from out of town. There is no penalty if we exceed that goal. There is still time to get measured in, get a PHRF-NW rating, round up yer pal if you're going doublehanded or put 1/2 the neighborhood in a headlock if you like company. Wind is not guaranteed but appreciated,  as a veteran of at least 5 I can tell you there is usually enough to get 'er done and if you bail early you will live to regret it, (sigh). For you hardworking types the start is late enough on Friday to accommodate your schedule. Delicious spaghetti(veggie option probably means just salad and cheesy noodles), seriously though get on in there early to carbo load, activate your tracker and swap a few theories about currents and wind. The Northern Century is a terrific opportunity to challenge yourself but also have the option to drop the hook in a comfortable anchorage and join the mob again when the wind and sun fill back in.
In other news:
Kevin Welch and the Mikey crew gorged on the conditions at Cascade Locks to battle to a hard earned 2nd place at the Melges 24 Nationals. Boat speeds exceeded 20 kts and teams came from as far as Germany to compete.
The Wally's Tours series wrapped up and 4 of 9 winner's were 27' long. Three were under 27' and and one was 29'. Representin for the luxury liners was Ed Kennedy in the always spicy "Spice". Newcomers Jeff and Steve walked away with honors in class 3. All those interested should note 3 SC-27's are for sale locally. Come join the fun. As long as you have insurance, rating details can be worked out retroactively, unless you are on the edge between classes 2 and 3. class one is always open to No Flying Sails boats. For race details contact Eric Beemer or Andy Schwenk.
The Cheney Cup named for noted prominent attorney John Cheney is this weekend and the Lummi Island course can turn into a drag race that allows the speedier boats to stretch their legs.
Wednesday nights feature the Summer Fun series so let the foredeck ape take the helm or put the skipper in the pit to pass out.......Pass out beverages not literally pass out:)