Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rollin on the River

Guemes Channel, the river of which I speak in the title, was a veritable cornucopia of sails last night. The Big Blue Show was in action with a skeleton crew. The Son of Raven with her illustrious new graphics was in attendance and Tom Stockton nailed the start and led the fleet, if only briefly. Local rising sailing star Nate Keller handled RC duties and masterfully or is that mercifully called a chort course at the weather mark allowing everyone to go home and feat on Chef Wenger's delectable Caesar Salmon Salad. The Sc-27's were out in force and Colin's bastard boat was chewing up the fleet singlehandedly. Two divisions were decided by less than 3 seconds total. Lesson learned? Get in the river, stay in the river. Join us next week for the ever popular "What the Huck?" It's Summer Fun so almost anything goes, even women are allowed to take the helm for this series:)
In other news:
It appears we will soon have 3 competitors in the Nifty Fifty, the more civilized version of the Northern Century. Heck 50 miles? Yes you can do that! Alden Bank and back any course you choose. Let's give them something to talk about and have a flotilla of AYC boats join up today!
Thanks be to Jah we have a crew of volunteers to help clean up Friday night ,Aug 21st,  but they will need help, Please, before you go out to dance the night away until the early morning hours, swing by AYC about 1830 and lend a hand, many paws make for light work and this regatta make$$$ ca$$h for Member$$$ if you under$$tand the me$$$age so please come help out for an hour, yes the bar will be open:)