Thursday, September 24, 2015

Calling all Hippies and Poachers

There has long been a tradition in sailing and I'm not sure if it grew with the Great Northwest where I grew up or if it's a worldwide thing. In any case occasionally a yacht will fail to officially register for a regatta through a paperwork snafu or other clerical error. Now the boat and captain and crew find themselves at the regatta site all dressed up and ready to go and not invited to the dance. Now what to do? It's called poaching or doing a regatta "hippie style". You simply wait until the official starters are underway and make certain you do not interfere with their racing and do the race anyway to see how you would have done. With this spirit in mind it has been proposed that Wednesday, September 30th, at 1800hrs the yachts of the AYC are cordially invited to a proposed hippie regatta. For the younger crowd consider this a flashmob. Imagine if a fleet of boats arrived at the R2 buoy off the tanker dock sailed around Huckleberry island and met at Anthony's afterward for a soothing beverage. This very idea was proposed last night at the club and earned the nickname R2A (Race to Anthony's) It's not really a race at all, simply a group of sailor friends trying to shake the mildew off their rags one more time on a wonderful summer of Wednesday night racing. Come have some fun!
In other news:
Ian and Joy Sloan have recently returned from a Transatlantic voyage aboard a record breaking catamaran  Lending Club 2. They averaged over 20kts under sail and I hope we can look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some pictures at an upcoming meeting.
Captain Midnight recently attended the Rolex Big Boat Series in San Francisco earning a victory in the Express 37 class. Fun fact Express 37's have been a fixture at the Big Boat Series for 25 years.
Steve Orsini is ahead of the game putting pieces in place for the 2016 High School Team Racing Championships scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. This will be the highest caliber regatta ever hosted by Anacortes and requires as many as 66 separate rotations as well as billeting, entertainment and the like. If possible block this weekend to be part of the action.