Saturday, November 14, 2015

Holiday Shopping

With only 40 more shopping days until Christmas what is a good elf to do? Of course the first thing is to pay your AYC dues, still the best value in the district. Then breakout just 3 more dead presidents, in this case the ones with Andrew Jackson on them and join PHRF-NW:) That's correct for just the low, low price of 60.00 American greenbacks you too can compete in the premier regattas that AYC sponsors like the Girts Rekevics Foul weather race to Friday Harbor, Tulip Regatta, Windermere Regatta, Northern Century all kinds of mid distance and those silly Wednesday night affairs. Yes, you heard me right, all these antics and hijinks for just one easy payment of 60.00 Wait, don't send that money in yet! Not only that, but you could do the Shaw Island Winter Classic Feb 13th 2016 or the 'Round Shaw Island Race the first weekend in August or even the notorious 'Round the County Race in the fall in which this year AYC sent 13 yachts, including the largest at 72' and the smallest at 27'. Of course there are hidden costs. This year if you want a PHRF handbook it will be additional 5.00 or if you don't work for a certain local rigging shop just download it for free at your place of employment. Still that is not all. If you choose to race there will be regatta fees and pressure from your crew to buy new and better sails. (Someone ask Mac how he is able to parry this constant burden as he perpetually wins races with sails that are older than some of the crew trimming them:)

PHRF is entering a new era. This has been the dominant handicapping system in the PNW for now 50 years. Here is a fun fact, AYC's own Doug Fryer was a founding member and has only owned one other boat since that day! PHRF has plans to become more user friendly and yes the cost went up 13.00 whole dollars. In order for PHRF to remain solvent this was required. It still is less than my son pays to be on the local high school mountain bike team, I think it is a terrific value. Each club has a handicapper and a director. They are happy to answer questions and help get you out on the water. Wherever you go from Portland to BC PHRF regattas are entertaining and some are ridiculously challenging. Most big events like Swiftsure and Southern Straits have added inshore events for the crowd that wants to be part of the action but prefers shore power at night to power the blender.Goto for all the details and spend those holiday shopping dollars on some good times on the Salish Sea!