Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wet n Wild Round the County

AYC was rockin Friday night. Sailors from Vancouver to Olympia converged on the clubhouse and absolutely devoured the most chili seen this side of Texas since the Nixon administration. Keith Stone and New Rear Commodore elect Walt Meagher added cornbread and salad to make a feast. Gerri Gunn led a team of bartenders to keep the crews watered down.
Saturday morning was wet and windy as the first vessels led the flotilla to the start line at Lydia Shoal beginning at 6am sharp. Let's take a look and see how the burgee with the scarlet Aand crusaders cross did:
Div M, the multihulls, Lars Strandberg just missed the podium but kept it right side up as the mighty Dragonfly turtled off Sucia Island skipper and crew were recovered safely.

IRC is the latest racing scene in the PNW and AYC did not field a boat of our own but Kevin Welch and Ian Sloan sailed in the afterguard aboard Valkyrie so we will go with that team. On the run North Saturday they enjoyed boat speeds reaching into the mid 20kt range and finished exactly 1 second ahead of the first boat off the podium. Sunday's start was hot mess for most boats and a full 30 competitors missed it completely choosing for a scenic mtor home through the SJI's if they could net get started within the 20 minute limit.

Div O, Dr. Schoenrock's Davidson 72 assisted by Tom Gilbert and 20 other crew people posted a perfect 10 and covered the first 30 miles in just over 3 hrs! Look for the tall stick at the end of B dock and watch for her moving up in the standings next season.

Div 1 Michael Picco and Team Wild Blue has been a welcome sight on Wednesday night and held on for a 3rd place finish without even completing the course on Sunday.

Div 2 featured our personal chef Walt Meagher on his new ride "Sunshine Girl" and a band of merry pirates. Rumor has it they moored in the noisiest area of Roche Harbor or maybe it was them, rumors are rampant.

Div 3 The mighty Pangaea with more of these races under her keel than most any other boat got up for a solid 6th in the class that featured the overall race winner in a fleet of 115 total. Mac and Wendy continue to field a solid program with old friends and new faces aboard every year

Div 4 Third through 6th as well as eighth was all AYC! Colin Emsley and a pair of hard working crew held off the well sailed Hijinks and those silly celebrators on Celebration. Bangarang was not far behind as somehow they all managed to finish Sunday even when many larger faster rated boats could not.

 Div 5 These are the smallest boats in the fleet and start first. Saturday the 8 Sc-27's set kites early and the battle was on. The gusts hammered out of the East with enough force to send our favorite female skipper Stephanie Schwenk (the eventual class winner) swimming over the side. Hijinks quickly dropped sail and lent an assist as WR was able to make a quick WOB recovery. Please practice this skill aboard your own vessel. (Especially if Steph is on your crew list:) Lil Toonces and Emoyeni kept the dirty side down and revelled in the breezy conditions.

Congratulations to all that competed in this PNW tradition, time to dry out sails and socks and cheer on the 'Hawks!!!!