Saturday, December 26, 2015

Feliz Ano Nuevo

Polar Bear swims on New Years Day are all the rage right now but frankly it is not all that appealing to me or my family. I have a close relative that recently tested the temperature of the Puget Sound in the 'Round the County Race last fall and after her report I am even less interested in Polar Bear swims.
Polar Bear sailing, now that sounds much better! In recent years the sailors of the AYC along with a few fellow pirates have hit the water in all kinds of water sailing craft. Come join the fun at 1200hrs on Jan. 1st, 2016! Typically if the weather is fair several boats will rally around in the bay or chase a few of the heartier seafarers out the channel that are headed to Friday Harbor for a weekend of winter amusement.
Rumor has it the Strandberg boys are ready to test their new ride, they are priming up for the R2AK Race to Ketchikan in June. Cassiopeia is ready to be unleashed again and will likely be looking to break in some new crew for 2016. The Pelican people are always there. If you have a Lido, an Optimist or a foiling tri come join the plan to wassail in the New Year!