Saturday, January 02, 2016

AYC Sails into 2016

2016 started out on the good foot for AYC, well at least better than Iowa's New Year surprise at the Rose Bowl. Roger Jewett, who claims he was not there at the first Rose Bowl, seemed pleased with the action on the big screen. Commodore to be Markay kept the troops watered while multi tasking by undressing the Christmas tree at the same time. Patrice freshened up the goods at the ship's store and Walt Meagher began to realize the duties of the Rear Commodore.
The official boat count on Fidalgo Bay appeared to be 7 not counting two brave kayakers. Rumor has it kayaks got their name from the sound they make when they bounce off your keel. The Walt and Jerry show took a break from the Yacht of the Year chase aboard Syndicat and took the Sunshine Girl for a spin but still wanted to know if this event counted for year end points. Of course no day would be complete without seeing the sails of Hassenpfeffers, Tiramisu and Little Annie battling back n forth across the bay. Wild Rumpus and Off Constantly represented for the SC-27 fleet and if you have never seen a blooper, (it's a sail also called a streaker on occasion), check out Steph's FB feed. We're also claiming the random Pearson 30 that was out in the spirit of inclusion. In any case the wind was enough for the small headsail and enough heel angle to spill the hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps
In other news:
Mark your calendar for the Seattle Boat Show Jan 29- Feb 6th., the largest boat show on the left coast. Still will get you home in time for the Super Bowl and since the Seahawks don't have any home playoff games the exhibitors can get set up in peace.
Feb 20th is the annual Girts Rekevics Foulweather Race/ Cruise to Friday Harbor. Chris Roethle has arranged for door prizes from local boatyards and vendors and all that buy a ticket are eligible whether racing or not. A free haul out for 2016? Sign me up:) Of course the epic lasagna dinner (veggie option) and the typical antics in Thatcher Pass are not to be missed. Shaping up for 2.5 ebb 1230hrs so not a good year for my Peavine Pass plan...
Paging Colin Emsley and crew your RTC trophy is stashed downstairs at the club and a hearty congratulations for a great performance on a tough weekend!
For those considering the value of club membership and looking for a comparison, check this out. I was attending a regatta at St. Francis YC in San Francisco last fall and overheard a conversation on the dock while we waited for breeze. The two St. FYC members were discussing a planned $10,000.00 assessment to all members for improvements on the club outstation at Tinsley Light. AYC has reciprocal privileges at St. FYC and it's the best view of the bay in town, Fun fact: A policeman having a smoke on the deck of St FYC the night  of the famous Alcatraz escape of the Anglin brothers allegedly saw the running lights of the boat that helped in their escape.
Even though New Years is over for 364 more days you can still make a resolution today to get out on the water with AYC or simply come join us for the Commodores Ball or a 5 buck night.