Saturday, January 23, 2016

WOW That's a Long Time!

The AYC board earlier this fall felt it is important to recognize our long time members in some way.
At the Commodore's Ball we honored these members with a Lifetime Achievement Award and
presented them with new nametags with the number of years printed under the burgee.
The following members have belonged to AYC for at least 25 years. Congratulate them
when you see them next and thank them for their loyalty to the AYC.

45 years- Tom Linder
40 years - Del & Geneal Fox, Mac Madenwald
35 years - Paul & Susan Bergman, Mark Pearson
30 years - Karolyne DeAtley, Wendy Gray, Wayne & Colleen Hesselgrave,
Richard Marsula, Warren & Linda Walz
25 years - Fred & Bobbi Abelman, Brad Blymyer, Rick Bresee, Jeanie Browne,
Charles & Kerry Carlson, Bob & Jayne Carlson, Clark & Joanne Craig, Terry & Leslie Dorn,
Pam Edwards, Maury & Helen Fink, Tom Gilbert, Gray & Carolyn Hawken,
David & Sandra Johnson, Frank & Jane Lloyd, Steve & Ginger Orsini,
Richard & Laura Smock and Karen Thomson