Monday, October 17, 2016

Friday Oct. 14th featured our annual Crab Feed and general meeting. Over 60 members were greeted by Ron and Diane Fry, served drinks by Carol & Frank and then served crab dinners by Steve & Diane. A rolling slide show from the AYC Flickr albums played on the big screens. New members, Dan and Tracy Averill and Terri Whorton were introduced by Danette. Kipp Carroll showed us the slate of officers nominated for the 2017 board and invited member nominations before our preferred members vote in November.  After much cracking, slurping and munching on crab and side fixings we all enjoyed delicious berry bars before listening to our guest speaker, Erica Thomson (daughter of Dave & Karen). Erica works for a fraud prevention company ( and gave us an in-depth run down of how we can prevent personal attack by cyber-fraud rings. TIps such a what information not to reveal on social media, how to manage personal passwords, how to monitor activity and account intrusions and how to deal with cold calls were discussed. Needless to say we had a lively Q&A session afterwards. Thank you, Erica! Finally we need to thank all those that stayed to help with cleanup and Bud Palmer that drove all the refuse to the dumpsters. What a crew we have at AYC; always willing to pitch in and give our events and clubhouse a little TLC. Next month's General Meeting will be on November 11th and will feature the AYC annual report by Commodore MarKay followed by a talk by Jane Billingshurst titled "On the Water from San Diego to La Paz: An Ocean Teeming with Life".

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