Monday, November 14, 2016

Captain Midnight is Back!

Ahoy sailors of the Anacortes Yacht Club! If you were at the good 'ol AYC Friday night November 4th I hope you enjoyed a delicious meal and some good times. I'm fairly certain our illustrious bar made a profit and with my octogenarian mother volunteering in the galley maybe we made some dough there too. In any case the sailors had a good time and hopefully they will return for another AYC event real soon. Our entire board made an appearance and everyone pitched in to sling hash, alcohol or trash, oh and also tablecloths but that got resolved...

The occasion was the Orcas Island Yacht Club's annual 'Round the County Race. I was there for the first one in the late 80's with 7 boats and now it limits out at 120 boats in just three days. The course reverses every year. The start is Lydia Shoal and you either leave San Juan county to starboard (this year) or port and spend the evening in Roche Harbor. 33 miles each day with 1/2 way points at Cattle Pass and Patos on years when the wind is not cooperating. The finish is just east of Peavine Pass and there is rarely any wind there and you can see the RC on their base on shore slurping cocktails... but I digress....
So what happened? I will tell you it blew up to 30kts on the romp South to the turning Pt at Davidson Rk and several boats were completely underwater as the current pressed against the wind and haystacks 8'-10' tested everyone's foulies. The leaders slipped around the corner and ran on to Roche while classes 4, 5, and 6 drifted until quitting time and motored home through Mosquito Pass.

Sunday was a spinnaker start, start, start. Yes the first division had 3 general recalls. Then it was a gorgeous run to Patos and a solid beat to the windless finish line. Well in a nutshell that's what happened. Let's see what AYC seafarers fared well:
Div M the multihulls, standing on the podium in the third place the "Brothers Strandberg" in the BIG BRODERNA ably assisted by former multihull luminary and current Captain of Team Off Constantly Jeff Hulme. 14 hrs elapsed time isn't going to break any records but they did finish the entire course both days and kept the dirty side down which wasn't the case for all the multi's this year, or last year either for that matter...
ORC div: For those scoring at home this is where the big money boats play and lately due to a fracas in PHRF they have chosen a separate rating system. A-town can lay claim to winner Valkyrie (also Vic maui winner) as she sails out of a certain boatyard at 28th &R although I think the crew is primarily Canadian. They are so fast I rarely see them so check internet for further info. BTW i think she may be for sale.
Div O just missed it. Capt Welch and crew taking a break from their MIKEY Melges 24 campaign, more on that in future missives but World's are in Miami in a few weeks so we will update. So REcon (formerly Adalgisa, formerly ICON jr) battled for a solid 4th just 9 seconds out after over 60 miles of racetrack. Probably AYC's best performance award.
Div 1 gotta give a shout out to another 4th place "Bravo Zulu because that was my wife's Vic Maui ride and Denny is such a gentleman, also wore a Wild Rumpus hat to AYC party Friday night.
Div 2 suffice it to say Walt Meagher had a rough weekend and had the boat loaded with AYC talent. "Sunshine Girl" will live to battle another day and so will Walt but ouch, not every day on the water goes as planned, Captain Midnight says, "Been there done that!" gather it up and drive on....
Div 3 Pangaea finished the full course Sunday and Chris White, the good doctor that always buys the Jennifer Bowman paintings hanging in AYC ripped it up in a borrowed boat, but again this year it paid to be on a faster boat as the wind went light both afternoons.
Div 4 Jimmy Bottles and the Celebrators as well as Passepartout both beat that dang schooner that cost me the overall one year, so that is good news. Also PPT and Pete allegedly had the most conspicuous breakfast consumption on the 3 start starting line on Sunday.
Div 5 Stephanie Schwenk found the way to put the smackdown on the 9 boat Sc-27 fleet as well as a surprisingly well sailed Catalina 36 to take home another golden ash tray. Even though somebody forgot to bring the bag that contained our lunches on Sunday there was no mutiny and to be honest the other AYC SC-27 sailed by Mr. Tiefischer was ahead most of the way.

Stay tuned for some winter sailing ideas and don't forget the Shaw Island Winter Classic is set for the week before Girts Rekevics Memorial Foul Weather Race/ Cruise on Feb 25, again at SJIYC.

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