Monday, December 12, 2016

Light it Up

There is nothing like a sailboat all lit up to bring on the holiday spirit! Come join the fun Friday 16th/17th @ Cap Sante Marina. has been the sponsor for this seasonal event for the last several years. (I think he even has a trophy, he awards) If the weather is fair I propose we have a parade, who doesn't love a parade? Back in the day the Dickson family that ran Cap Sante Boatyard when it was located @ Cap sante where Anthony's is now located would lead a procession of fish and pleasure boats down Guemes Channel and back. There would be bonfires on the beaches of Guemes Island and crowds on the Port Docks. The Dickson's vessel was a converted minesweeper and featured Santa in his sleigh and all the reindeer doing their thing on the bow. When the weather was lively and the nights were dark it was true winter adventure to get all the boats lined up and moving at the same speed. Those of you that have been in the military probably can imagine what I'm talking about. In any case get some lights and garland in your rigging and come join the fun!

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