Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Foulweather Fun!

Saturday, February 25th, the Anacortes Yacht Club sailed the Annual Girts Rekevics Foul Weather Race to Friday Harbor. 17 race boats braved the conditions that weren't all that foul and a handful of cruisers either hopped a ferry or shadowed the fleet in their luxury cruising liners. Spinnakers blossomed at the start and the tricky currents in the Guemes Channel shuffled the fleet until a steady Southerly stuck around long enough to get the fleet all bunched up in Thatcher Pass. Pleasantries were exchanged as the wind blew and didn't and the sailors struggled to break on through to the other side. Once clear of the pass it was a romp to Upright Head and a beat until you could crack off for the finish. After about 4 hours of battling the elements the crowd gathered on the docks and the music drifted through the marina. The herd headed for SJIYC around 4pm and soon after it was time for raffles, trophies and of course the delicious lasagna dinner.
The Commodore said a few encouraging words and the usual Thank yous all around to those that make this kind of fun possible. Chris Roethle was truly the man of the hour, selling dinner tickets, securing sponsorship, getting the trophies together and about a dozen other things that make this all possible. It always amazes me just how many people it takes working together to make this all possible and how Chris makes it look so easy.
Of course the way it's supposed to work is the boat that was sailed the best wins and depending on where you assessed that during the race the outcome would have different, many boats were looking golden at one time or another, of course the only time that it counts is at the finish and Stephanie and her merry band of ladies came through in the pinch and prevailed. Truth be told she did have two gentlemen on board but I assume they did what they were told. Second place was the new guy in town, Rhys Balmer in the diminutive "Evermoore", fresh back from a trip to Hawaii last summer. Mike Strauss took a break from defending our country and preparing for another mouth to feed to round out the podium.
In other news:
Still time to purchase a SC-27 and get ready for Nationals here in Anacortes Jun 30/Jul1 includes distance race to Friday Harbor like the one described above except warmer
Tulip Cup registration open Tulip Princess open to all genders this year
Seattle's Center Sound Series starts Saturday
Captain Midnight headed to SF for birthday and sailing @ St Frantic (Francis)
Corvus for sale, Call Capt Peterson if interested
2017 February only second wettest February ever, well there is always next year:)

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