Monday, March 27, 2017

Lawson Reef

Ahoy fellow sailors! Saturday featured the evr popular technique of trying to determine exactly how far away from the start line you needed to sail in order to not be swept over early. Imagine roughly two knots of variable current and about 3 knots of variable wind. Each skipper judged just how far he thought his vessel would be pushed along and the Wind warriors absolutely nailed the Southern can while the Belle's nailed the Northern can. Everyone else managed to get across and not be swept to their doom on the wrong side. The current kept pushing and the wind eventually filled and the race was on. Lawson Reef eventually showed on the horizon and the fleet of a dozen all got around. Spinnakers billowed for a while on the run home but eventually it went greasy again and some people needed to mow their lawns so the iron genny's were employed. Congratulations to Team Strauss for an absolute over the horizon job and even though my wife was in Seattle where she drove a Beneteau 40.7 to second overall by 2 seconds in a fleet of 80 we figured our second place was just as worthy. Smith Island is next up for the distance race crowd, Eddie would go!
In other News...
Team Mikey is off to Charleston Race Week, then a trip to the continent for some super summer sailing.
Tulip Regatta is all set, but always have space for more cleaner, upper folks.
R2AK podium placer Big Broderna getting all set.
Cats Sass has made arrangements to be launchable this season.
High School sailing season in full swing, they can be seen practicing most afternoons.
Full house at AYC nearly every Friday night come join the fun!

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