Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Saving you from experience

Sometimes I think when someone says they have "experience" they are really mean... I've made a bunch of mistakes and if you listen to me then I might save you some trouble. I guess on occasion a person with "experience" has some innate talent they want to share but I bet the former is more common. With that in mind here is some advice with someone with experience doing AYC distance races since 1978.
1) Scrub yer bottom , the boat I mean. Either hire a diver or get a brush (usually homemade) or haul'er out in any case mossy bottoms are slow. We used to go to the SW shore of Guemes each spring and careen the AYC fleet at low tide but I would not suggest doing that even though the EPA is facing budget cuts.
2) Check the course and start time, in fact read the whole race packet:)
3) Make sure your PHRF cert is valid and you have purchased a race packet.
4) Check your safety gear and make sure your crew knows how to use it.
5) Get out and practice a few tacks and gybes
6) talk over crew vs captain expectations.
7) Bring some great snacks and have fun!
8) Make sure you have the sails you want aboard.
9) Take both your sunscreen and your foulies you never know...
10) Check your fuel separator for water, new fuel blends are just notorious, use fuel stabilizers.
Sign up for Tulip Regatta, all sorts of slick raffle prizes and PRO RC
Corvus is not the Corvus you remember, wait till you see the new ride:)
Swiftsure 2016 winner Broderna set to make an appearance, unless the price of crabs continues to skyrocket
Steph is outa town make way Captain Midnight at the helm!

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