Monday, March 13, 2017

What the Huckleberry?

Last Saturday only those sailors needing the practice showed up for a rally for racers. These hearty souls enjoyed a line set by the Jah Mon in a building Southerly. The Wind Warriors had a real live roller derby queen on the helm. Wild Rumpus forgot her mainsail but was ably assisted by eventual race winner Team OC. Apparently starting a sailboat efficiently is difficult or at least this group made it look that way. Walt and Juan Pequeno were sweatin to the oldies on his rebuilt ride. After 6 practice starts it was beat to the SE buoy and a sleighride to Huckleberry. Everybody rounded to port and it blew the dogs off the chains on the way home costing one boat it's Windex and Captain Midnight decided to run for shelter rather than stand on for the finish. Exhilarating day and Becky told me should we would come back next time if we didn't broach so much:)
In other News:
Team Mikey edged out the Blind Squirrel for a one point victory after 9 races at Bacardi's Miami Sailing Week
Nuther Viper in town
Team Big Broderna winding up for another crack at R2AK after a Swiftsure victory and 3rd R2AK last year.
Tulip entries starting to roll in
National nap Day, I'm in or out

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