Monday, May 29, 2017

Swiftsure Wrap Up

Ahoy fellow race fans,
Well it won't go down in the record books as the speediest Swiftsure ever. It certainly is not as action packed as AC race between Sweden and NZ earlier this morning but all in all it lived up to the title it carries, "Always a Challenge". Probably a challenge to try to not stage a mutiny and throw in the towel after many hours of drifting. AYC was well represented, some might argue "over-represented" as there were at least a few boats flying the scarlet letter that is our burgee that are not even members!
As far as official AYC boats I count 4.
The first two are easy Freya did not start and Passepartout didn't finish. I have been competing at Swiftsure since 1978 and I can tell you, there is always next year. Just getting to Victoria and seeing all the sites and crazy street performers is such a treat. Victoria is a gem, winter or summer.
Walt Meagher and his merry band finished 6th in the Juan de Fuca Race after vying for the lead at several times. The Brothers Broderna, aka Lars and Nels Strandberg staged an epic comeback to get on the podium for 2nd in the Cape Flattery for Multihulls event.
There were the usual war stories and at least one boat needed USCG assistance but hey that's Swiftsure

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