Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bermuda SUPERYACHT Regatta

Another spectacular day out here in the Atlantic Ocean....the Superyacht Regatta as part of the America's Cup Program.  There were 20 racing today, including 6, definately not the J boats we're used to seeing, but the behemoths of the 1930's that raced for the Cup.   These are just amazing to watch...they're absolutely beautiful...and it was a perfect day with 15K of breeze and the cobalt blue water.  LIONHEART won today with RANGER a close 2nd.   More to come!!

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  1. Thanks.
    Meanwhile Oracle better find some boatspeed or it’ll all be over soon!
    FANTASTIC! Too bad you didn't have good seats! Good on ya.
    More exciting than Oracle’s?! Guess you aren’t having any fun.
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