Tuesday, June 20, 2017

'J' Boat spectacle in Bermuda...

For the first time ever, 7 "J" boats, the 45metre (150') beauties from the 30's, gathered to race around the buoys...and we were lucky enough to be here and get out on the water to watch them.
The boats included:

  • VELSHEDA   JK7   launched in 1933
  • SHAMROCK   JK3   also 1933
  • TOPAZ    J8   A more modern take on the 'J' design, built more recently
  • RANGER   J5  A replica of the original, built by Danish Yachts in 2003 as an exact replica, the white hull
  • LIONHEART   JH1  Another more modern replica built to the 'J' rule
  • HANUMAN   JK6    Another replica with updated systems
  • SVEA  JS1    Originally designed in 1937 but never built, and now just completed to 2017     standards and systems 
  • RAINBOW   ....   the original, is here but not participating in the racing
These behemoths draw 5.5 meters carry more crew than we could count,  and all sailed here.
We've lots of pics, but here are a few........

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