Monday, June 26, 2017

MATCH POINT in Bermuda1

Kudos to the KIWI's...They're at Match Point with 2 decisive wins today and they deserve to be!!  Peter Burling is, and has been, simply phenomenal, as has the KIWI team.   ORACLE was initially slower (last weekend) but the shore crew seems to have  remedied that, but the tactics and boat handling have fallen short!   At the start of the second race today Burling with a classic Match Race move "rubbed ORACLE'S nose in it" and was ahead by almost 30 seconds at the start!!!!   (It may not of been that far, but it seemed like it and it might as well of been!!!)
Tomorrow we take one race at a time, and still have some hope!!
It must be as warm in Anacortes as it is here!!
Mac & Wendy in Bermuda

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